Legacy of Satan — Apocalypse [Black/Death Metal, Review]

A new coming formation “Legacy of Satan” has introduced earlier this year a one track demo, which has already declared the style of the band that can be interesting for the fans of such bands as Belphegor, Dark Funeral and Marduk. Recent mini-album completed the evolution of the band and did a clear statement: this black metal band is something that you should hear once at least and it is worth to gain attention in the underground extreme metal scene. The first mini-album “Apocalypse” features extreme, fast and infernal black/death metal with very variable vocals and some symphonic background samples. Moreover, deathcore-like breakdowns add this record some originality and can surprise you from time to time during listening. Vocals as well as guitars on this work can be definitely highlighted: catchy riffs and impressive vocal skills of the frontman are present here. Amazing artwork supplements the overall impression of a very well crafted record made by skilled musicians. 10/10

by Psychoman




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