21st Century Archetype — True Progressor 2​​.​​0 [Industrial/Alternative Metal, Review]

The band 21st century Archetype might be described as an industrial/alternative band combining however a large variety of different styles like hip-hop / glitch-hop / neurohop and rapcore. This formation is active already since a pretty long time in the underground scene, and the latest release “True Progressor 2.0” is actually a remake of the album from 2016 that was largely positively accepted and features a wery well done music video for the song “Planet Patriot”. So a listener might ask why the band should remake a such well accepted album? The answer would be: a change of stylistic direction. This record is heavier and more intensiv, it includes more guitar work and aggression, it is now less hip-hop influenced and much more alternative and even metal like. This change allows also to deliver the main message of this work about the nearest future where humans are just biorobots living senceless life in a digital world. True Progressor 2.0 is a great conceptual album deserving attention, although it might be a good idea for future works to go further into more heavy sound or another way arong into more electronic sound, without trying to balance between all music styles. 7/10

By Psychoman




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